New Year's Resolution: Getting Help for My Parents

When Irene’s son drove in from out of town to visit his mother over the holidays, he saw stacks of mail on top of the refrigerator. There were countless pieces of junk mail mixed in with utility bills, bank statements and a past due credit card bill.  “It’s all so confusing”, complains Irene, “I don’t even know what to do with it all.”

Arthur's daughter surprised her father by flying in just before New Year's.  He apologized for the state of his apartment saying he would have cleaned up had he known she was coming.  She helped by washing the dishes and taking out the trash, but he told her not to touch the dozens of yellow post-it notes that were stuck all over the apartment with reminders for everything from taking his pills to paying the rent. 

For family members who live far away, visiting Mom and Dad over the holidays can be an eye-opening experience.  Once they realize their parents need more help, what's the next step?  

Grand Rapids and Kent County, Michigan has a strong network of services available for seniors.  Home health agencies can provide cleaning, medication assistance and meal preparation. You can findthem in the directory compiled by the Caregiver Resource Network at    For assistance with mail, paying bills and day-to-day finances, look for a CPA or daily money manager with specialized knowledge of eldercare.  Learn more about Senior Advisory Services PLLC and the daily money management services we offer by calling (616) 920-1999.